HBO and Showtime have problems during Mayweather Pacquaio PPV

Those who ordered the Floyd Mayweather Manny Pacquaio fight on PPV yesterday could tell those who missed it they didn’t miss much. The fact that the fight was  dud was nowhere near the biggest problem of the night for HBO and Showtime as fans asked for their money back on Twitter and Facebook. The biggest problem of the night was the fact that many of those who ordered the fight on PPV didn’t get to watch the fight.

The technical difficulties caused a 45 minute delay and those who experienced the delay were furious. HBO and Showtime said that the high volume of purchases for the fight last minute caused the technical difficulties. Those who paid $100 to see the fight are furious that they experienced these issues.

This is a damage control moment for the PPV providers. They have a number of options they can use here to satisfy the public and attempt to correct the mistake. The first option would be to offer those who had issues a free PPV the next time Mayweather or Pacquaio fight depending on which network the fight was ordered through. The next option would be to give away a voucher for the price of the PPV. The last option would be a full refund but I doubt that Showtime and HBO want to do that.


Jon Jones Stripped of Title, Suspended & Dropped by Reebok

After turning himself into Police on Monday, Jon Jones was stripped of his UFC Light Heavyweight title suspended and dropped by Reebok as a sponsor. Jones was arrested for a hit and run indecent and was in possession of marijuana.

This just continues to bee a downward spiral for Jones over the past year. First he gets into a fight with Daniel Cormier at a promotion for their title fight, and now this. From a PR standpoint Jones has been a nightmare to deal with. This is his 5th run in with the law and the UFC has put its foot down.

They sent a message saying that its time to grow up now. Before Jones was an up and coming fighter and became champ at 23 making him the youngest in history. Jones has been champ four years now and it’s time for him to get his act together. He won’t be sponsoring any company in the near future and another incident with the law might possibly mean the end of his career.

Did Deron Williams silence the critics?

For the majority of his time as a member of the Brooklyn Nets, Deron Williams has received a lot of criticism for his play. Back in 2011 when the Nets acquired him from the Utah Jazz, they were hoping to have landed their star player with the move to Brooklyn just one year away. Since joining the Nets Williams has been an average point guard and fell out of the discussion for top point guard in the NBA.

Williams play has declined steeply over the past two seasons and many feel that his lack of production is the reason for Brooklyn’s struggles. Since signing his $100 million contract in 2012 Williams fell off the map averaging 15.4 points and 6.8 assists and Brooklyn has failed to make it past the second round of the playoffs.

Since the playoffs have started, Williams’poor play has made him the victim of much criticism. Paul Pierce who played with Williams last year in Brooklyn said the Williams was not the player he thought he was after playing with him. Pierce said he felt that Williams couldn’t handle the pressure of playing in a big market like Brooklyn’s. Even though head coach Lionel Hollins said that the criticism of Williams is unfair, he did admit that Williams is not the same player he was when he signed his contract 3 years ago.

Then last night happened. With the Nets trailing the Atlanta Hawks 2-1 going into game four, Williams had one of his best games since becoming a member of the Nets. He erupted for 35 points 5 rebounds and 7 assists including a game saving 3-pointer.  Last time I remember Williams playing like this was when he dropped 57 on the Bobcats back in 2012.

The Deron Williams I saw last night reminded me of the Deron Williams that was running the show in Utah and the one that was considered better than Chris Paul. He was in complete control of the game. His handle looked on point with some amazing crossovers, his shot was on point, he ran the floor, made pinpoint passes, played with back to the basket, and he did whatever it took to win the game.

If Deron Williams can have performances the are somewhat close to the one he had last night the Brooklyn Nets have a shot to turn the playoffs upside down and make a run to the conference finals.

Dove Reveals Choose Beautiful Campaign

Last week Dove unveiled a new “Choose Beautiful” campaign. The campaign involves various women coming up to an entrance with two sets of double doors. The doors are labeled beautiful and average. The women are then faced with the decision of choosing to enter to the beautiful door or the average door. Throughout the video we see women go through both doors with some walking away not entering any door.

We all know the point of these Dove campaigns is to promote inner beauty in women. This campaign makes the women make a tough decision about themselves on the spot. We have seen campaigns that involve them describing themselves to a sketch artist who makes them look out to be beautiful.

I like the message they are trying to promote in this campaign. They continue to push the self and inner beauty message but know they are telling them to be confident about it. It almost seems like the two ads go hand in hand. I would like to think that Dove aced this campaign.

March Madness Has Arrived

Its Christmas season for those who love college basketball. March Madness is finally upon us and not a moment to soon. For the next month every basketball ball fan will be glued to their phones and TV’s watching every game hoping they win the pool they have joined. For the next month we can expect a handful of games that will have us on the edge of our seats.

Kentucky received the number one overall seed after finishing the regular season 31-0 and winning the SEC tournament making their record 34-0. Rounding out the one seeds are Duke, Villanova, and Wisconsin.

Unlike tournaments in the past the majority of people are picking one team to win the tournament with that team picking Kentucky. I am going to take the other road here and say that Kentucky will not win the NCAA tournament.

Kentucky played five top 25 teams all year: Arkansas, North Carolina, Louisville,  and Texas. Texas is no longer ranked in the top 25, Arkansas is a conference opponent who plays the same teams as Kentucky and is at the bottom of the Top 25 and the SEC is not a basketball conference. Louisville was able to slow Kentucky down offensively and could have won if they didn’t shoot 26% for the game.

North Carolina is too inconsistent and played a poor 1st half against them.They almost lost to un-ranked LSU  on the road and struggled early in games against many other teams over the course of the season.

I think if Kentucky runs into a team that can match their depth and has the offensive firepower to not let Kentucky make runs with its defense, they will have a shot at being beaten. While their are few teams that come to mind their are a few. Duke and North Carolina are teams that come to mind. They can match the size and depth of Kentucky. I like Louisville also as a team to beat them. They would have won that game had it not been for their poor shooting.

As far as my Final Four goes, I’m going to pick Kentucky, North Carolina, Duke and Virginia. In the championship I have North Carolina beating Virginia.

While many people are going to say I’m crazy I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility. They are 2nd in the nation in both rebounds and assists per game. They also rank in the top 30 for points per game and field goal percentage. Defensively they are solid but not great. If they can figure out a way to to play their best basketball and be consistent like the did against Louisville and Virginia in the ACC tournament they are a very dangerous team and as good as any team in the field.

Regardless of who wins, we should all be excited that March Madness is back.

Feel free to check out my bracket here and post yours in the comments.

NBA Joins the Lean In Movement

The NBA and WNBA have recently joined the Lean In Together initiative. In an article for prweek we see the reasons for the NBA joining the movement. In the article Kathy Behrens says, “If [society is] going to reach equality, it can’t just be a fight that women take on – it’s got to be something that men support.”

The initiative looks to help women with gender equality in the workplace and society as a whole.

I like this move by the NBA. The league has had domestic violence issues in the past with Allen Iverson, Jason Kidd,  and most recently Jefferey Taylor. The video campaign was launched last week and as gained over 300,000 views.

I would like to see the NFL, MLB and other major sports join in on this movement. If more major sports get involved this movement can really take off. Those who see their role models joining a movement for gender equality will certainly begin to join this movement.

I personally really like this move. After seeing everything that happened in the NFL this year with Greg Hardy and Adrian Peterson, I think the NFL, NHL, and MLB should join in on movements like this to help create equality.

Who Won the McCoy, Alonso Trade?

In the most shocking move of the NFL off season the Eagles and Bills have agreed to a trade where the Eagles send running back LeSean McCoy to the Bills for linebacker Kiko Alonso. Nobody expected this trade to happen and the world was left in complete shock.

This move is very surprising without question but it makes sense for both teams. Alonso ranked third in the NFL in total tackles and the Eagles have a gap to fill at Linebacker. Darren Sporles was effective last year so there is a running back in  place already. There are a number of running back available in free agency and the draft they can get to replace McCoy as well.

The Bills on the other hand decided it was time to part ways with Former 1st-round pick Cj Spiller and released him. While this move wasn’t made until the trade was confirmed it was still the right move. Spiller didn’t live up to the expectations placed on him and Rex Ryan’s offense is run heavy so they needed an impact player at the position.

After every major trade that occurs in sports we all ask the question “So who won this trade?”  I honestly feel like the Eagles are getting the better end of the deal here, While Alonso is coming off ACL surgery and is not proven yet I like his chances. They don’t need a Lawrence Taylor, or Ray Lewis type of player for this defense. They need Alonso to be the leader of a great defense built around him and other great players.

The Eagles were ranked 5th in total offense last year and 27th in total defense this move was perfect for them, Alonso is a great young player that can help build a defense for years to come. The offense may be losing a great player but they still have Maclin and Matthews and receiver and Sproles and RB.

McCoy may have great years in Buffalo but they still need to get a quarterback because Matt Cassel is not the answer and without one teams will just key in on him and he probably won’t be very effective. Alonso can help Philadelphia now and longer than McCoy can help the Buffalo and he  so in my opinion they win the trade for the moment.